Hot ginger and dynamite, There’s nothing but that at night, Back in Nagasaki where the fellas chew tobaccy and the women wicky-wacky-woo. (Mort Dixon, 1928)


Hot Ginger play swingin’ carefree music, straight from the roaring twenties, dirty thirties and prohibition speakeasies. Hold on to your hats, put on your spats, order yourself a naughty cocktail and get ready to tap those feet!


Kate Ferguson

Kate is a fabulous singer, a dashed good songwriter, and is positively packed to bursting point with pip and ginger. She belts out her distinctive soprano song
like a tropical bird (N.B. not a parrot), both as a solo artist and also in the (now legendary) band, Hot Ginger. Her debut solo album, ‘Sweet Confusion‘ immediately wowed the populace at large, and her music has since been featured on BBC Radio Devon, BBC Introducing, and the Folkal Point. Her hobbies include Victorian literature, yoga and getting in the way when Rich is trying to pack away the equipment.

Rich Hamer

Rich has played guitar for a long time, in lots of different ways and in lots of different places. He even has an album, which you really ought to listen to. In short: Rich craves guitars and there is nothing the doctors can do about it. These days he is also somewhat taken with Jazz. He whiles away his hours playing his guitar, tending to his unique responsibilities as a rather unusual man, and attempting to arrange one Miss Ferguson into some sort of sensible order. His hobbies include ‘the plank’ and spouting P.G. Wodehouse references at his aforementioned colleague in an effort to educate her.


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